About The Artist


I grew up in the UK and spent much of my childhood with animals as my best friends. I learned to see and appreciate the beauty in everything around me (though maybe I didn’t realise that until I was older). 

Soraya Gwynne-Evans

Animals are every bit as important to me as the people in my life, so it isn’t surprising that I would choose animals as my main focus for my art. I love to show the soul glittering through the sparkle in an eye.

The other greatest inspiration for my paintings is the incredible light and shadow which changes everything we look at and the life which dances within.

It intrigues and inspires me to see the spirit which glows behind each and every living being and transforms them from a body to a soul.

Those are my greatest inspirations . . .

I am a passionate vegan, student of life and believer in creating our own reality. If you would like to visit my blog, please join me at:

Love Vegan Living

email: soraya@loveveganliving.com

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